gbSudoku 1.3.1


gbSudoku 是一款非常有趣的數讀遊戲,可以隨機生成各式各樣的號碼,除了可讓使用者輸入外,還可以有解題提示與語音功能,並可以將它列印出來,可以當作放鬆的小遊戲。


- Generate new Sudoku games
- Reset (remove all user-entered numbers)
- Clear (remove all numbers, allowing user to create their own game)
- Reveal (solve the puzzle for the selected cell)
- Undo/Redo moves
- Suggest moves
- Print/Copy game
- Draw (allows uses to draw freestyle lines over the game)
- Game window may be adjusted to any size
- Game is stored between sessions
- User-defined colors for cells, numbers and selection marker
- Popup information dialog (cell data)
- Local and Online Help
- Online update

中文化記錄 2013-02-18:

- 部分字詞翻譯修正
- 部分代碼優化

感謝原作者 Gary Beene


- CRC32: 2ACE3B16
- MD5: 64E55995B83D3C7F2A89BD8B0C51DC0E
- SHA-1: DFB2C66448CA5E5D2A1F5B24EA17449CF00D8BD9

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