gbsand 5.2


gbsand 是一款非常有趣的 Falling Sand Game 遊戲,螢幕的上方不斷會有沙子掉落,也可以自訂掉落水、油、鹽等等,並可以給它加上障礙物,阻礙沙子掉落的方向,非常適合當作休閒的遊戲。


- Standalone EXE
- Play/Pause/Restart the game
- Save and restore a game from one session to the next
- Default barriers and streams
- Create/erase barriers using a mouse
- Create/erase particles and particle streams using a mouse
- Particle streams (spouts) allowed anywhere on the game screen
- Custom cursors for draw/erase/stream options
- Sound effects for user actions
- Context options for controlling content of game screen
- Storage methods of barriers/streams allow action to be taken on each individual object
- Speed control
- Zoom viewing (static image) anywhere on the screen
- Particle compaction
- Online Help

中文化記錄 2013-03-04:

- 部分字詞翻譯修正
- 部分代碼優化

感謝原作者 Gary Beene


- CRC32: 56C92F5A
- MD5: 077DBD0BD7FA1FF88E6B509E41D15CCF
- SHA-1: 5A1C02EFC04D816E41C53A2A43D16C006C274415

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